Double-ended Mascara 3.5ml

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06/17/2022, 11:30
I followed a video tutorial to learn how to use it. Blink completely as you go so that the brush goes all the way through your lashes and adds a lot more volume. For top lashes, hold the brush curved side up and away from the lashes for bottom lashes. I did two layers in this photo. The picture was taken at 7 p.m.. I applied the mascara at 10 a.m.. I cooked, cleaned, went shopping, and did laundry during this time period. This mascara stayed put! When I woke up this morning, my eyeshadow was still in place and flawless. When I applied it the first time, it didn't move or look any different than the day before. There was no flaking, smudging...or irritation! My eyes are rather sensitive and I thought that I had no mascara on after trying this product! Did I just discover the ideal mascara? Yes, I believe so! So, since they're so great, I decided to get two more for my daughter and a back-up for myself!
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